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"I love Michelle's style. She just gets it. I can send her any project for any client and know that she'll deliver not only something that works, but something that's enlightened. She has such an ear for language and a natural way of developing voices for a variety of clients. Her work has an honesty about it that really engages the reader. Michelle never disappoints, because while some writers are good, others have a gift. And Michelle has that gift. Great work ethic, too. Now if only she'd let me hire her for good!"

Kerry Antezana
Creative Director

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Top Pot Doughnuts Passport Top Pot Doughnuts Passport
T-Mobile Recruiting Brochure T-Mobile Recruiting Brochure
Intelius Print Ads Intelius Print Ads
WaMu Print Ads WaMu Print Ads (provided copy/client of JWT)
Seattle Waldorf School Brochure Seattle Waldorf School Brochure
aviva brochure Aviva Spa Brochure
Seattle Waldorf School Seattle Waldorf School
Office for Mac 2011 Ideology Series Office for Mac 2011 Ideology Series
Office for Mac 2011 Office for Mac 2011 Feature Videos
Best Buy Musical Instruments Best Buy Musical Instruments
Daytrotter Sessions | BBMI Daytrotter Sessions | BBMI
Levi's 'Go Forth' Levi's "Go Forth"
Intelius Big Picture TV Intelius Big Picture TV
T-Mobile Brand Value Animations T-Mobile Brand Value Animations
Comcast Cable Food Drive TV Comcast Cable Food Drive TV
Microsoft Silverlight Excitement Site Microsoft® Silverlight™ Excitement Site (copy & video)
Top Pot Doughnuts Site Top Pot Doughnuts Site
Expedia College Recruiting Mini-Site Expedia College Toolkit (provided copy/client of JWT)
Expedia College Recruiting Mini-Site Shawn Casey Results Fitness

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